The most common divorce mediation is a process where a couple meets with a mutual mediator instead of each party hiring their own attorney. However, mediation can also occur when each party is represented by independent counsel and attend mediation with their counsel.

Mediation can reduce stress surrounding your divorce and create a smoother family transition for your children. It is the most cost effective method of resolving marital disputes, and can also be faster and certainly less adversarial than court litigation.

Remember that as couples engage in court litigation, ultimately the judge makes determinations that he/she deems fair to both parties, which effectively can make both parties less than happy about the outcome. Mediation can also reduce the likelihood of post-divorce conflict and it allows the parties to determine their settlement rather than a judge. As in every negotiation, not every party gets exactly what they want, the final details are settled and agreed upon by the two parties which typically ends in long term mutual agreement.

Mr. Lewis has received extensive training in mediation family law conflict and just recently (October of 2019) completed a 30 hour divorce mediation training at the Family Resolution Institute in San Diego, California.

I can help you obtain a fair mediation agreement whether it concerns only financial issues or includes children as well. However, mediation is not for everyone and for those that cannot mediate, I am also a litigator. Click Here to learn more about my litigation services.