Divorce and Family Law

Few legal areas are as emotionally charged as family law, primarily for the litigants, but also for the lawyers and judges involved with the case. The Law Office of Robert G. Lewis has been successfully practicing Family Law for over 34 years and has the experience and reputation to obtain results.

Mr. Lewis has been involved in hundreds of trials as well as hundreds of out of court settlements.

The difference between an out of court settlement and a court trial:

In a settlement, each party can negotiate for what is a higher priority on their list, giving up the lower priority items. Conversely, in a contested trial, the judge decides which items a party does or does not receive. The judge may, either intentionally or unintentionally, award you the lower-priority items instead of the higher-priority items. In a perfect settlement, both parties receive the high-priority items on their lists. In a contested trial, neither does. Fortunately, the vast majority of my divorce cases, perhaps as high as 90% eventually settle out of court.

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Our most treasured reward is creating the financial security for the divorce client or helping a parent spend more time with his or her children. Give us a call today – we can help!

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